Our strategy


Our overall objective is to ensure Syrian youth are able to participate in shaping the future of Syria, specifically looking towards:

  1. Peacebuilding and integrating Syrian youth into political and diplomatic work
  2. Inclusion of the voices of youth in the peace process.
  3. Comprehensive awareness campaign for Syrian youth on peace issues
  4. Protecting girls and children and raising awareness about the challenges facing children and girls
  5. Support young refugees and deliver success stories
  6. Support young people at the international level and to involve them in the international community to understand the real role of youth within their societies in Syria.
  7. Support systematic inclusion of engagement and partnership with Syrian youth, in all phases of humanitarian action
  8. Recognize and strengthen Syrian Youth capacities and capabilities to be effective humanitarian actors in prevention, preparedness, response and recovery, and empower and support local youth-led initiatives.

This includes raising awareness of the role of Syrian youth as essential stakeholders in determining the future of their country and ensuring youth participation in the Syrian peace process. We will also attempt to bring together a wide assembly of Syrian youth to ensure a wide level of representation and carry-out a transparent process to identify the most suitable Syrian youth to represent Syrian youth in the peace talks. Finally, we will work to build the peacebuilding and lobbying capacities of those Syrian youth participating in our work.

To achieve the overall objective of ensuring that Syrian youth are able to participate in shaping the future of Syria, we will work along the following strategy:

  1. Ensure Syrian youth are recognised as a stakeholder in the future of Syria:
    1. Action 1.1 Develop a “Syrian Youth Statement”: Develop a document that represents the views and demands of Syrian youth and justifies the inclusion of young people in the peace talks through existing international agreements.
    2. Action 1.2:  Coordinate endorsements from Syrian youth on the ‘Syrian Youth Statement”. Aim for 1000 signatures.
    3. Action 1.3: Mobilise public support around the world. To gain more support for the request of Syrian youth we will then request signatures and support to take forward our ideas from people around the world. This will include trying to take forward local, national and international initiative to implement the key recommendations outlined in the “Syrian Youth Statement”.
    4. Secure support from people and organisations linked to the Syrian peace talks. Once we have the first 100 signatures from Syrian youth inside and outside of Syria we will engage NGOs, UN, governments and other organisations to share the statement and request support to include youth in the peace process.
  2. Ensure Syrian youth participate in all conversations and negotiations about the future of Syria.
    1. Action 2.1: Facilitate youth participation in various events about Syria and the Syrian peace process, including events organised by the UN and by international civil society.
    2. Action 2.2: Participate directly in the peace negotiations through any available channels. Initially this may be through an observer role.
  3. Bring together other Syrian youth organisations as well as non-organised Syrian youth
    1. Action 3.1: Introduce the Syrian Youth Assembly to Syrian youth and present to them our strategy and encourage them to become supporters and advocates of the SYA statement.
  4. Build up the capacities of young Syrians representing their peers in the peace process and other discussions
    1. Action 4.1: Work with partner organisations to organise trainings for Syrian youth representing SYA in events such as the peace negotiations, workshops, forums etc.