World Humanitarian Summit – Youth Forum 2016


The Syrian Youth Assembly was set up by a group of Syrian youth who were present at the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016. We are a platform for young Syrians to work together to build peace. This initiative is fully youth-led and we want to engage as many Syrian youth (18-29 years old) around the world.

The importance of placing youth at the forefront of conflict resolution to rebuild civil society in a holistic manner and achieve sustainable, long-lasting peace is receiving increasing international recognition. In 2015, the United Nations Security Council adopted resolution 2250, encouraging the inclusion of young people in all stages of peacebuilding and related decision-making processes.

Until now, however, the specific needs of Syria’s youth have been largely disregarded in both humanitarian efforts and the Intra-Syrian Talks.


courtesy of Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding/UNESCO


What is our goal?

Syrian youth mobilise to influence and participate in the Syrian peace process and are supported to bring peace and rebuild Syria.

Note: The peace process outlined focuses specifically on the civil war within Syria (between government and rebels) only and not with the wider regional conflict (which includes ISIS).

We are specifically concerned with the following topics:

  1. Peacebuilding and integrating Syrian youth into political and diplomatic work
  2. Inclusion of the voices of youth in the peace process.
  3. Comprehensive awareness campaign for Syrian youth on peace issues
  4. Protecting girls and children and raising awareness about the challenges facing children and girls
  5. Support young refugees and deliver success stories
  6. Support young people at the international level and to involve them in the international community to understand the real role of youth within their societies in Syria.
  7. Support systematic inclusion of engagement and partnership with Syrian youth, in all phases of humanitarian action
  8. Recognize and strengthen Syrian Youth capacities and capabilities to be effective humanitarian actors in prevention, preparedness, response and recovery, and empower and support local youth-led initiatives.