How will we achieve our goal?

Our strategy is the following:

  1. Develop a “Syrian Youth Statement”. Develop a document that represents the views and demands of Syrian youth and justifies the inclusion of young people in the peace talks through existing international agreement. This was initiate with a group of Syrian youth during the World Humanitarian Summit and further developed by a working group of 4 Syrian youth. This step has been completed.
  2. Coordinate feedback and endorsements from Syrian youth on the ‘Syrian Youth Statement”. The working group develop a short survey to gather feedback from Syrian youth inside Syrian and those currently outside of Syrian in Turkey and Germany. We are now sharing the statement with as many Syrian youth we can to get initially at least 100 active Syrian youth signatures. This step is ongoing.
  3. Secure support from people and organisations linked to the Syrian peace talks. Once we have the first 100 signatures from Syrian youth inside and outside of Syria we will engage NGOs, UN, governments and other organisations to share the statement and request support to include youth in the peace process. Initial steps are being taken by the working group to prepare for this step.
  4. Mobilise public support around the world. To gain more support for the request of Syrian youth we will then request signatures and support to take forward our ideas from people around the world. This will include trying to take forward local, national and internal initiative to implement the key recommendations outlined in the “Syrian Youth Statement”. This step is currently being planned.
What will we do if we get enough signatures?

Once we have enough signatures we will work with NGOs, UN agencies, governments and other people to include Syrian youth representatives in the peace talks.

What role youth will be able to play inside the youth talks will be determined based on discussions with those coordinate the peace talks.

Once this has been determined, we will carry-out a transparent process to identify the most suitable Syrian youth to represent Syrian youth in the talks.

How can you help?

If you are Syrian and aged between 18-29, please sign the letter and help us spread the word to your friends and peers. If you want to get more involved, we would love to hear from you. You can e-mail us at info@syrian-youth.org

If you are representing an international peacebuilding organisation and want to see how you can support this initiative, please e-mail us at info@syrian-youth.org

Whoever you are, please share the letter and help us spread the message about the importance of peace in Syria.

What are the challenges that we need consider in this initiative?

Although we want to gather endorsements from Syrian youth around the world, there is no guarantee that youth will be involved in the peace process, or that their demands will be made. However, the first step is to try!

We are seeking advise on how to make this work as safe as possible for the people engaged in the initiative. If you think that participating in this process will jeopardize your safety and security in any way, please do not participate.

The Syrian Youth Assembly is coordinated by a team of volunteers and we are not able to dedicate our full time to this work. This may mean we are not able to do as much as we want as quickly as we want. But we will try our best.