Who are we?

The Syrian Youth Assembly was set up by a group of Syrian youth who were present at the World Humanitarian Summit in 2016. We are a platform for young Syrians to work together to build peace. This initiative is fully youth-led and we want to engage as many Syrian youth (18-29 years old) around the world.

What is our goal?

Syrian youth mobilise to influence and participate in the Syrian peace process and are supported to bring peace and rebuild Syria.

Note: The peace process outlined focuses specifically on the civil war within Syria (between government and rebels) only and not with the wider regional conflict (which includes ISIS).

We are specifically concerned with the following topics:

  1. Inclusion of youth voices in the peace process
  2. Protecting youth from detention and torture
  3. Ending sexual slavery and exploitation
  4. Preventing the radicalization and conscription of youth into extremist groups
  5. Preparing the youth for a role in the post-conflict Syria
Are we receiving support from any other groups? 

The Syrian Youth Assembly has received support from several non-Syrian youth volunteers to create this website and assist with other practical issues. We have also received support from the United Network of Young Peacebuilders in identifying key stakeholders to reach out to with the message of the letter. They also helped us set up this website. We are not supported by any groups with ties to any side of the on-going conflict in Syria.



Our team

Ehab Badwi – President and Co-Founder
Haya Atassi Önügören – Vice President and Co-Founder
Israa Awad –  Co-Founder


Rabie Kharbout – Reports Manager and Co-Founder


Ahmad Mobayed – coordinator Involvement of youth


Imad Suleiman – Media officer