Survey On Syrian Youth Participation In Peace Talks


.العربي في نهاية المقال

Brief study on youth opinions regarding peace talks in Syria:


The purpose of this study is to collect qualitative data regarding the opinions of Syrian youth about peace in general and the Syrian peace efforts in particular. This study does not cover a representative sample of Syrian youth; it is merely for collecting qualitative and not quantitative data about peace from the viewpoints of youth. The results of this study will be shared with the office of the UN Special Envoy to Syria as an effort to convey messages of Syrian youth to the stakeholders directly involved in the peace process. Since Syrian youth are the future of Syria, it is quite essential to not only listen to their thoughts but also to prepare them for a peaceful future. Knowing the thoughts of youth on peace will help in preparing them for the future.


-The importance of the Youth role in the peace talks:


  • Do you think it is important to include the youth in the peace talks? If yes, please state why.
  • What are the fallouts of the youth exclusion from the peace process?
  • What is the role that youth can play in supporting the Geneva and Astana negotiations?
  • Do you think peace is ever possible in Syria? If yes, then under what conditions do you believe peace can happen in Syria?


  • What are your recommendations for making peace in Syria? Are there any specific points regarding peace in Syria which you feel the current stakeholders (precisely the UN Special Envoy to Syria) are missing?


Survey in English


استبيان حول مشاركة الشباب السوري في محادثات السلام

:دراسة موجزة عن آراء الشباب بشأن محادثات السلام في سوريا

والغرض من هذا الاستبيان هو جمع بيانات نوعية عن آراء الشباب السوري حول السلام بشكل عام وجهود السلام السورية على وجه الخصوص. لا تغطي هذه الدراسة عينة تمثيلية من الشباب السوري. بل هو مجرد جمع بيانات نوعية وغير كمية عن السلام من وجهة نظر الشباب. وسيتم تقاسم نتائج هذه الدراسة مع مكتب المبعوث الخاص للأمم المتحدة إلى سوريا في محاولة لنقل رسائل الشباب السوري إلى أصحاب المصلحة المعنيين مباشرة بعملية السلام. وبما أن الشباب السوري هم مستقبل سوريا، فمن الضروري جدا عدم الاستماع إلى أفكارهم فحسب، بل أيضا لإعدادهم لمستقبل سلمي. إن معرفة أفكار الشباب بشأن السلام ستساعد في إعدادهم للمستقبل

– : أهمية دور الشباب في محادثات السلام

هل تعتقد أنه من المهم إشراك الشباب في محادثات السلام؟ إذا كانت الإجابة بنعم، يرجى ذكر السبب

ما هي تداعيات استبعاد الشباب من عملية السلام؟

ما هو الدور الذي يمكن أن يلعبه الشباب في دعم مفاوضات جنيف وأستانا؟

هل تعتقد أن السلام ممكن في سوريا؟ إذا كانت الإجابة بنعم، فما هي الظروف التي تعتقد أن السلام يمكن أن يحدث في سوريا؟

ما هي توصياتكم لإحلال السلام في سوريا؟ هل هناك أي نقاط محددة تتعلق بالسلام في سوريا التي تشعر بأن أصحاب المصلحة الحاليين (تحديدا المبعوث الخاص للأمم المتحدة إلى سوريا) بعيدون عنها ؟


:الاستبيان في اللغة العربية

Meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel


participation of members of the Syrian youth Assembly Ehab Badwi and Ahmad Mobayed in an event organized by Kiron Open Higher Education in Berlin with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The talk focused the successes of youth and the challenges faced by young Syrians in the issues of education and integration. They also spoke about the Syrian conflict and the role of youth in building peace.




International Youth Day 2017


We are very pleased to inform you of the participation of the Syrian Youth Assembly – SYA as part of the International Youth Day  At the United Nations in New York on 11 August 2017.

Our Ambassador will have a special participation in the event to talk about a very important topic on the Refugee integration and living in
the aftermath of conflict and we will seek to convey and cover the event directly from New York.

The event is organized by the Division for Social Policy and Development (DSPD) of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA), in collaboration with the United Nations Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development’s (UN IANYD) Working Group on Youth and Peacebuilding.

Those unable to attend can watch and follow the event live at

Participation in UN Youth Assembly 2017

We are very pleased to inform you of the participation of the Syrian Youth Assembly – SYA in the 20th UN Youth Assembly which will be held in New York City next month, which will provide us with an opportunity to communicate the voice of the Syrian youth and showcase their successes and challenges. At the local and international levels in the countries of migration and airspace, and to promote dialogue and partnerships among young people at the global level, the international community, the private sector and the United Nations.
The main objective of this participation is to present the successes of young people and to talk about the most important challenges and difficulties experienced by the Syrian youth in all its spectrum without any exception and to seek solutions that are capable of changing the reality, which means young people on all social, educational, economic and environmental dimensions. Peacebuilding.
The UN Youth Assembly has been able to influence the lives of more than 14,000 young people from more than 100 countries around the world.
Guided by the comprehensive principle of the 2030 Sustainable Development Plan, the Conference will consider cross-cutting issues and comprehensive solutions to sustainable development in social, economic and environmental dimensions. And to overcome the challenges and ensure the participation of youth and their participation in achieving a comprehensive and sustainable future around the world.